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Clinic Management System (CMS)

Clinic Management System is a computer software products that coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the management and running of a healthcare facility.

  Why Dentistry?

When we first started to think about this, the first question that came to our mind was how to make dentist life easy? We have many software’s for dentists but none of them are synchronized or even close to completion. There is no efficient technology and service for dentistry. We have come up with a revolutionary product to complete this cycle. It connects you to your clinic and anything associated within. We know how complex dentistry is, so after 2 years of research and hard work we are bringing you this service. A Clinic Management System.

  What do you get?

  • Website
  • Clinic Management System
  • Lab Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SMS & Email service


You will get your own website customized to your needs or you can leave it to us and we shall customize it for you with our professional designers. Your domain name can be your name or your clinic name. It includes appointment management system to manage your appointments according to your requirements.

  Why Dentistry?

This is a state-of-the-art software which is linked to your website under a subdomain where you will have all the things needed to manage your clinic. It includes Doctors in your clinic, Patient and their records management, laboratory management, Reports management, Inventory, Billing and lots more. Basically everything you need for a hassle free practice.

  Lab Management System

Lab management system incudes adding of different laboratory and giving a print out of what service of them is required by you. Be it any specific tooth or whole teeth set, we’ve everything covered.

  S E O

When it comes to SEO we spare no expense. We have the best team assigned to make sure your website comes in the top of the searches be it Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  SMS/Email Service

Wish your patients on festivals via SMS / Email, Remind them with an SMS about their appointment. We have you covered.